Old Czechoslavakian Jaternice

Jaternice (pork sausage) Old Czechoslovakia

Cook the meat from the hog head, trimming away some of the fat. The heart, kidneys, spleen and even the lungs may also be cooked. When meat is tender and comes off of the bones of the head. Remove from the broth and cool. Some cooks grind the meat but others like it finely chopped with knife, which is best. To this chopped meat is added about 1 ½ pounds raw ground liver. White bread soaked in water and squeezed of water. Old bread is the best, and homemade is best of all. Use about 1/3 bread to 2/3 meat. Add alt and pepper to taste, about 6 cloves of garlic ground and rubbed to a paste Do not over do the garlic. 1 tablespoon marjoram. Mix all ingredients together thoroughly. Fill casing, tie each end of filled casing, then tie ends together making sausage rings. Put tied sausage rings into boiling broth and cook about 5 minutes or until raw liver is done, do not crowd in kettle or boil too long or the casings will crack. When taken from broth, rinse in cold water and cool 1 layer deep.

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